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We’ve got lots of space inside and out which we use for a huge variety of activities. We have sleep rooms for the babies, dressing up areas, craft areas, corners for stories or reading and nooks for playing musical instruments. All the children enjoy weekly music sessions, with the wonderful Max and the pre-schoolers and toddlers also enjoy drama and creative movement sessions with Nikki. We also take the toddlers and pre-schoolers on short excursions to local places of interest - like the Common, the Rookery and the local city farms.


RabbitThe gardens are enjoyed by all children throughout the year. As well as running around and playing on the equipment, the older children take part in structured sports and exercise sessions.

The pets corners house our rabbit ‘mansions’, outside runs and nature gardens. The well-protected pond teems with wildlife too - tadpoles, frogs and fish.

Our vegetable gardens are really popular with the children. Dedicated green-fingered staff help them dig, weed, plant and nurture herbs and vegetables. And then, best of all, harvest them and take them to the kitchen for cooking.


CookingThe special children’s kitchen are situated right next to the main kitchens so they can get used to the smells, the clatter of pans and sizzling sounds that accompany the preparation of real food. Our award-winning kitchens produce a wonderful menu of snacks and main meals, fresh every day and eaten with gusto by the little ones (dietary needs or cultural preferences are happily catered to). Our head cook organises weekly cooking sessions, encouraging them to chop veg, make pizza or bake cupcakes, even from an early age. Sometimes they even remember to take the goodies home for sharing! Kitchens on both sites have the highest 5* Health & Safety Inspection rating and we are the first nursery in London to be awarded the Children’s Food Trust Award.